Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting There ~By Brit

We are weeks away from leaving life as we know it in Michigan, for our Mongolian adventure with the Peace Corps. I knew this day would come, but at the same time I kind of got used to the fact that it was somewhere in my future. I've had this crazy little idea brewing in my mind for about five years now and its strange for me to think its finally coming to fruition. Welp.... the future is NOW. Am I ready? In some ways. Am I excited? EXTREMELY. I'm bubbling up and over with excitement and anticipation everytime I think about how different my daily life will become on the other side of our planet in 28 days (but who's counting?)

On June 1st, Anthony and I will be headed to San Francisco for our brief but intense, shove-everything-into-one-day staging event, which will get us up to speed on what we'll be doing. We leave for Mongolia at 11 am the next morning, stopping in Seoul, South Korea before final destination-ing it in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia on June 4th.

So much to do between now and then. We have been slowly but surely accumulating a "pile" of necessities, but we need to cut the fat and make sure everything we will need for two years falls below the yellow line and is under 100 lbs. In addition to that we have not one, but two going away parties to help plan, last minute financials to finalize, my car to sell, eating at all of our favorite restaurants, and spending every last precious second with friends and family to squeeze in somewhere. Come to think of it, I should probably stop writing and get on that!