Saturday, June 4, 2011

San Fran, Spicy chicken with cheese source, Soju and the KGB ~By Tone

San Fran
First things first, thank you Sarah Calkins! Our time in San Francisco was amazing; we were able to fit so many things into such little time. Chris and Lisa were able to come out so they could be with us for our last few hours in the U.S., not to mention have a quick little vacation in San Francisco. Our last meal was spent at a wonderful sushi restaurant called Ichi. The owners were friends of friends and they were excellent hosts. For me sushi was a perfect last meal along with the saki.  Our goodbyes were tough and easy at the same time, but the flight from San Fran to Seoul was very very long.

After we got to our hotel in Seoul we were able to wind down and even get a workout in which was nice after several airplane meals which were, well, airplane meals. I don't know if the entire country is the same as the airport and our hotel, but if it is South Korea definitely takes pride in its cleanliness. 

Spicy chicken with cheese source and Soju
It was time for dinner and we were able to catch up with the other Peace Corps Volunteers. As we walked up they were just getting done and had some left overs and of course I took full advantage and didn't have to pay for a meal. This is where the Spicy chicken with cheese source came into play. My man Jordan from D.C. had ordered this and offered the rest up to me. It looked questionable, but to be honest it was quite delicious. The chicken was definitely spicy and the cheese 'source' was an oblong almost noodle like stick of cheese. Putting the two together was the best way to eat this tasty dish and it did my body good. Everyone was able to get a decent meal in their bellies, which was good thing because the Soju and KGB was about to takeover. 

Soju and the KGB
Soju is a 19.5 proof vodka-ish drink. It was meant to be sipped straight and we all had our share. It was actually quite smooth and went straight to our heads. The soju was only $3 a bottle so we had plenty and I think most everyone acquired a nice little buzz. After the soju we decided to head around the corner where there was a bar called 'KGB Bar'. We walk into about a 15'x20' room with one bar, 12 seats, and mood lighting that rivaled any bar I've ever been. The glow was a nice fusion of red and blue. So the bar was ran by a young Russian woman and two other women from Uzbekistan. They were decent hosts and most definitely had an eye for business. When our mates were asking what advice on what to drink, of course they insisted on a Russian vodka which was the most expensive thing in the bar. Before the night was out several of the other volunteers had way too much to drink, but we all made it back to the hotel safely and today we had a great breakfast at the hotel and here we sit in the Incheon airport waiting for our flight to Ulan bator. tonight we are staying in a ger camp specifically set up for tourists. We imagine it will be a great time. All of the volunteers are awesome, we are meeting great people and I'm sure we will create some great friendships. There is one other person from Michigan and his name is Marty; he's a great guy and will be keeping an eye on Brit while they are in training. Hopefully we will be able to update the blog and keep in touch, but we believe internet is going to be a little more difficult to come by. Until next time. 

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